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What is an Autoclave?

The structure consisting of a boiler and a high-strength cover is called an autoclave. It is used in the sterilization process performed by steam method under high temperature and pressure. There is a grill in the interior of the boiler. There is water in the space under this grid and the materials to be sterilized (specially packaged with Bowie-Dick depending on the situation) are placed on the grid. There is also a manometer and a thermometer on the top of the cover. Water in the boiler; It is heated by a means such as petrol, gas, electric furnace. The main thing in autoclave is sterilization in an environment saturated with steam and with a temperature higher than 100 ° C. Items and tools that will not deteriorate under these conditions are placed on the grid inside the cauldron and the cover is tightly closed and screwed. When the water starts to boil, the first steam that comes out is exhausted from the tap of the autoclave (vacuuming) and thus the air inside the boiler is evacuated. The steam is brought to a high temperature, a temperature well above 100 ° C is obtained and all microbes are killed. With this kind of sterilization method, the disinfection process is completed. Indicators showing only a parameter of the sterilization process such as temperature, Chemical indicators that show color change, also called process band or autoclave band, give information about whether the package has entered the sterilization process directly on the package without opening the package.

What are Autoclave Classes?

Sterilization devices are manufactured as “B”, “S” and “N” class in accordance with the European Medical Standard EN 13060. Class “B” is the most comprehensive class.

Class B: There is a vacuum pump. In the beginning, after the steam is formed, in the intermediate stages and at the end, it makes vacuum with the pump.

Class S: There is a vacuum pump. It makes vacuum with the pump at the beginning and at the end. Suitable for unpackaged or packaged hand tools and simple corrugated unpackaged tools.

Class N: There is no vacuum pump, it makes vacuum by means of instant vapor discharge and gravity. Suitable for unwashed, unpackaged hand tools only.

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